Artificial Intelligence in Liability

AI is a technology that is constantly and increasingly present in many economic sectors (agriculture, finance, health or automotive). Its emergence will undoubtedly have consequences on the chain of responsibilities. In the near future, insurers and reinsurers in civil liability, will have to provide suitable solutions that will take into account the disruptions generated by AI.


Fire risks during construction

The past decade has been marked by a succession of significant fires on buildings under construction or renovation. These incidents were due to a lack of preventive measures, rather than technical failures. APREF wanted to analyze the reasons of these incidents and to promote better practices in order to prevent fires during construction.


Motor reinsurance and bodily injury compensation in Europe

Although the principle of full compensation is predominant in Europe, its enforcement is not always identical from one country to another. The note featured in this video, compares eight countries, whose compensation methods differ from those in France. It also explains the impact on reinsurance treaties through various criteria.


Inflation alert

According to the European Central Bank (ECB) and “the Banque de France”, the inflation rate in the Eurozone should be above 6% in 2022. This is an unprecedented rate, since the launch of a common currency twenty years ago. In this note on which the video relies, the APREF tries to alert on the consequences of the inflation for reinsurers, especially in non-proportional business.


New technologies

Over the past decade or so, we have seen an acceleration in the inclusion of new technologies into our daily lives. The key objectives of the note, highlighted in the video, are to provide an overview of current and emerging technologies and to analyze the risks and benefits of each of them in the insurance value chain. More particularly in life and health insurance.


Cyber risk

The reinsurance of Cyber risk is a challenge, as it’s a risk questioning a certain number of fundamental principles of our profession. The note, highlighted in this video, submits seven APREF’ proposals, intended to facilitate the insurance and reinsurance of Cyber risk in France.


Fines and Sanctions

The note introduced by this video provides an overview and a non-exhaustive inventory of fines and sanctions. It presents the issue of the insurability of fines, while highlighting the existing uncertainties. It also highlights the importance of the terminology used in contractual clauses (definition, scope of coverage, etc.).


Covid +1

The consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic affected most sectors of the economy. This crisis has had biometric, social and economic repercussions, and the insurance sector has not been spared. The note, highlighted in this video, synthesizes several studies and analyses conducted on this subject in life and health insurance. Its objective is to continue the reflection with a hindsight of 18 months.


Business secrecy

The protection of corporate confidentiality has become a priority due to the competitive advantages that can be gained from knowing the secrets of one’s competitors. This need for protection has been taken into account, on a European and national level, by the introduction of a 2018 law that allows companies, including reinsurance companies, to benefit from specific protection in this area. The note, highlighted in this video, covers this sensitive topic.