APREF’s Morning sessions


Hail, a secondary threat?

2022 was characterised by natural events rarely seen before. “France Assureurs” assessed the insured cost at €10 billion for 2022, the second most expensive year after 1999. As part of this morning session, reinsurers suggest to take a closer look at the hail threat. Included in Storm, Hail and Snow covers, this peril has often been presented as secondary to storms. It’s hard, here, not to see the footprint of climate change. Therefore in what direction can the  market players move towards in order to better manage this risk?


Climate change: adapting & taking action

Facing acceleration of climate events, particularly in France, it is no longer time for predictions but for adjustment and action. This morning session will focus on ways on slowing down or even reversing this trend and increasing our resilience to climate change. The panel of speakers, all from the reinsurance industry, will discuss the initiatives taken, particularly in the fields of environment, agriculture and health.


The taxonomy regulation, what impact on (re)insurance?

In order to promote green investments, the taxonomy regulation establishes a classification system in Europe to identify sustainable economic activities. The four speakers of this morning session presented the regulation and warn ed about its impacts, in the more or less long term, on insurers and reinsurers.


New Technologies, a state of play.

This Morning session is a continuation of the note published on this theme by the APREF. The five speakers presented an overview of new technologies. Their consequences on the legislative environment and their impact on insurance and reinsurance.


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