Descrozailles Report : The Apref takes a stand on the agricultural insurance reform project

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Save the Date : The Apref General Assembly will take place on July 7th 2021

Reinsurance, keystone of the insurance system

Reinsurers business is protecting insurers against unexpected frequency or intensity of claims.

Reinsurance key figures in France

2019 figures – Apref Source

0 €bn
2019 Non-life ceded reinsurance including CCR (public reinsurance). Increase of 8,12% vs 2018.
0 €bn
Life ceded reinsurance for 2019. Increase of 5,02% vs 2018.
+ 0 %
Increase of life and non-life ceded reinsurance between 2019 & 2018 for a total of 5 887 M€.

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