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Presentation Assuratome - Episode 2

Découvrez la 2ème partie des Entretiens de l’APREF consacrée à la réassurance et aux perspectives d’avenir d’ASSURATOME !


Presentation Assuratome- Episode 1

Discover the history and scope of ASSURATOME’s coverage in part 1 of this new Apref interview!


Presentation of Assurpol

In this interview, Muriel LIMBERGERE (Director) presents the ASSURPOL pool, specialized in environmental risks. She reviews the history, the governance and the missions of this Economic Interest Group. She also addresses the principles of underwriting and the reinsurance mechanisms of the pool. And finally, she presents the main perspectives.


The Nat Cat regime

This exchange with Antoine QUANTIN (Reinsurance Director and of Public Funds at CCR) is dedicated to the Natural Catastrophe Regime in France. The specificities of this unique regime are presented, including those involving reinsurance mechanisms. In this interview are also discussed, the upcoming challenges that the regime is bound to face.


Testimony on GAREAT

This interview of Pierre-Yves LAFFARGUE (President of the Group) provides a better understanding of the genesis, organization and missions of GAREAT in the coverage of Terrorism risks in France. The intervention of reinsurance in the set-up is also discussed. And finally, a comparison with similar structures abroad is made.


Review and outlook

In this interview, Bertrand LABILLOY (Vice-President of Apref) updates on the association’s progress and provides an initial assessment of 2021 and the 2022 renewal for reinsurers. He also reviews the main issues for the upcoming year for our profession.


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